26 octobre 2012

Formentera's song

                        (with guitar)

And I roll' all the night
And I drive on the road
And I know from the moon's light
The good way to my home

And my home iis the sky
For a while or tomorow
And my home, why is the sky
Where is the door,that,I don't know

          I love the sun
          Suns are my love

                                And why I say alway love !
                                Why I wait all time on love !
                                Perhaps love is the good way !
                                The good way to go to home !

          Home  home home
          Suns suns suns
          Night is night                          
          Love is going

                                 I want to be happy all days !
                                 I want to be married with sea !
                                 But sea is too much big for me...

                                 I 'm just a mind in a body.....

                                                                              Formentera, septembre 1981 (ah,jeunesse!)

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